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Yohimbe Bark Extract

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Yohimbe Bark Extract

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Latin name:
Pausinystalia yohimbe
Plant part used:
Yohimbine (as Yohimbine HCl)
2%, 8%, 20%, 98% Yohimbine HCl HPLC
Testing methods:
146-48-5 (Yohimbine), 85117-22-2 (Yohimbe Bark Extract)
Main Function:
Aphrodisiac, Antidepressant, Weigh-loss

Brief Introduction

Synonyms--- Aphrodien, Corynanthe johimbi,  Corynanthe yohimbi , corynine, johimbi, Pausinystalia johimbe,  Pausinystalia yohimbe , quebrachine, Rubiaceae (family), yohimbehe, yohimbehe cortex, yohimbeherinde, yohimbene, yohimbime, yohimbine.


Chemical Name: 17α-hydroxy-yohimban-16α-carboxylic acid methyl ester
Molecular Formula: C21H26N2O3 

Mol. Wt.: 354.44 g/mol (base), 390.90 g/mol (hydrochloride)

Molecular Structure:


Pausinystalia yohimbe (Yohimbe), formerly known as Corynanthe yohimbe, family Rubiaceae (Madder family), is a small evergreen tree that grows in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon. It is a psychoactive plant which contains the tryptamine alkaloid yohimbine, about 6%, and additional similar compounds known as indole alkaloids.

It stimulates chemical reactions in the body that aids in impotence caused by tension, stress, or fatigue. Clinical studies have shown that Yohimbe is an effective treatment for impotency in patients who've lost the ability to become erect due to diabetes or heart problems. Yohimbe increases blood flow to the genitals of both males and females. It has been shown to increase the body's production of norepinephrine which is essential for erection and stimulates nerve ganglia in the pelvic area which is also helpful to men with erectile dysfunction. Effects of Yohimbe include increases in libido, stamina, and sensation.

In Africa, yohimbe has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. However, it is very important to note that while the terms yohimbine, yohimbine hydrochloride, and yohimbe bark extract are related, they are not interchangeable. Yohimbine is an active chemical (indole alkaloid) found in the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree. Yohimbine hydrochloride is a standardized form of yohimbine that is available as a prescription drug in the United States, and has been shown in human studies to be effective in the treatment of male impotence. The levels of yohimbine that are present in yohimbe bark extract must be stable and quite high. Although yohimbe bark has been used traditionally to reduce male erectile dysfunction, there is not enough scientific evidence to form a definitive conclusion in this area.

Yohimbine is an alkaloid with stimulant and aphrodisiac effects found naturally in Yohimbe. It is also found naturally in Rauwolfia serpentina (Indian Snakeroot), along with several other active alkaloids. Yohimbine is the principal alkaloid of the bark of yohimbe. There are 31 other yohimbane alkaloids found in Yohimbe.

Yohimbine is widely distributed over-the-counter as an herbal aphrodisiac. Yohimbine is a prescription drug in the United States for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Its popularity has waned since the introduction of Viagra. Yohimbe bark extracts are also sold in health food stores and online. Yohimbine has been used as both an over-the-counter dietary supplement in herbal extract form and prescription medicine in pure form for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Yohimbine was recently associated as a remedy for type 2 diabetes mellitus in animal and human models carrying polymorphisms of the α2A-adrenergic receptor gene.

Traditionally, yohimbe was used in Africa for fever, coughs, leprosy, and as an aphrodisiac. Today, yohimbe is promoted for the following conditions:

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Yohimbe bark extracts are widely promoted online and in health food stores as a natural aphrodisiac to increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction. However, there is no evidence to show that the herbal supplements work. Most clinical studies have looked at the drug yohimbine and not the herbal extract yohimbe. Yohimbine has been found to relax and dilate blood vessels in the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and erection. It may also stimulate areas in the brain involved in sexual desire.

Weight Loss

Yohimbine has been found to increase lipolysis by increasing the release of norepinephrine available to fat cells and blocking alpha-2 receptor activation. However, a controlled study found that 43 mg/day yohimbe had no effect on body weight, body mass index, body fat, fat distribution, and cholesterol levels.


Yohimbine hydrochloride has also been used for the treatment of sexual side effects caused by some antidepressants (SSRIs), female hyposexual disorder, as a blood pressure boosting agent in autonomic failure, xerostomia, and as a probe for noradrenergic activity. Yohimbe has been promoted as a herbal remedy for depression, because it blocks an enzyme called monoamine oxidase. However, this is only found in higher doses (over 50 mg/day), which is potentially unsafe.

The Yohimbe Bark Extract used in dietary supplements is derived from the bark of the plant yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe).


• Treat Erectile Dysfunction

• Treat Weight Loss

• Anti-depression

• Treat Diabetes


Referring to the above information.


In Germany, yohimbe is on the Commission E. (the country's herbal regulatory agency) list of unapproved herbs because of concerns about the herb's safety and effectiveness. In the United States, the FDA has had a number of reports of seizures and kidney failure following the use of yohimbe.

Yohimbe is not recommended because it has a very narrow therapeutic index. There is a relatively small dosing range--below it, the herb doesn’t work and above it the herb is toxic. Side effects of normal dosages may include dizziness, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure. As little as 40 mg a day can cause severe side effects, such as dangerous changes in blood pressure, hallucinations, paralysis. Overdose can be fatal.

Because yohimbe blocks the enzyme monoamine oxidase, people taking yohimbe must avoid all tyramine-containing foods (e.g., liver, cheeses, red wine) and over-the-counter products that contain the ingredient phenylpropanolamine, such as nasal decongestants.

People with kidney or liver disease, stomach ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder should not take yohimbe.

Yohimbe should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, children, or elderly people.

Yohimbe should not be combined with antidepressant drugs unless under the supervision of a physician.


• The typical dose is 100-200mg per day (usually in 2-3 doses throughout the day).
• Consult physicians for different condition specifics.

GNI’s Yohimbe Bark Extract Features and Benefits:

Yohimbe Bark Extract is one of GNI's most competitive products, with many advantages as list in the following, produced as our patent-pending process and know-how technology from Pausinystalia yohimbe barks.

• Produced with pure water only

• High purity: over 98%

• NO solvent - residual free

• Pesticide-free

• Crystal white in appearance

• High solubility in water

• High anti-bacteria, and longer shelf life

Product Specifications:

2%, 8%, 20%, 98% Yohimbine HCl HPLC

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