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Function Formula

Based on her massive research achievements on the relationships between natural plant ingredients and human health, and incorporating both the profound Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories and the intensive modern western health concepts, GNI is able to develop and provide our customers with dozens of natural plant ingredient formulas types of high safety and efficacy. The follows are some important types of them:
• Improve Sexual Function, Enhance Libido (for Men and Women)
• Weight Loss, Fat Reducing, Obesity Inhibiting
• Breast Enhancement
• Anti-diabetic and Blood Glucose Maintenance
• Cancer Prevention
• Woman Health, Women Menopause Health
• Anti-Depression, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Stress
• Antioxidant, Neutralize (Kill) Free Radical
• Anti-aging, Life Extension
• Stimulate Immune System
• Anti-fatigue, Improve Endurance, Improve Energy Levels
• Sport and Muscle Nutrition
• Memory Support, Enhance Memory and Cognition, Provide Mental Support
• Cardio and Vascular Circulation Supports
• Cholesterol Maintenance
• Blood Pressure Lowering
• Anti-inflammatory, Anti-virus
• Treat Anemia, Improve Blood Iron Levels
• Detoxification, Cleanse Body Toxins
• Sleep Improvement
• Liver protection
• Protect Lung &. Respiratory
• Men Health, Prevent Prostate Problems and Treat Bladder Disorders
• Digestive System Protection
• Eye and Vision Protection
• Bone and Joint Health, Bone Density Improvement.